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"60 Seconds": Inspirational Minutes Kindle Edition

by Carol Dixon (Author)

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Meet "The Dr."


Dr. Carol E. Dixon is an Author, Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, a woman of VISION and VOICE. She is committed to helping people from all walks of life. Dr. Dixon exhibits the unconditional love and unending hope found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She pushes forth “a new quality of living produced by a new character in God.”

Dr. Dixon has a degree in Communications from Wayne State University, with certifications from the Institute for Motivational Living and in Early Childhood Development. Over the past 40 years Dr. Dixon has been recognized for her multi-talents and multi-facets from past and present: United States Presidents, Members of Congress, Michigan Governors and State Legislators, Ohio Governors and State Legislators, Georgia Governors and State Legislators, Detroit Mayors and City Council Members, Wayne County Commissioners, Civic Leaders and charitable organizations.


The City Council members of Atlanta, Georgia voted unanimously that March 31st is “Dr. Carol E. Dixon Day” in the city of Atlanta. In addition, Dr. Dixon was honored in Georgia by the State Legislature as a “Phenomenal Trailblazer” with an “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” Award and given a Proclamation by the Georgia State Legislature. The House of Representatives from the State of Tennessee also issued a Proclamation in her honor as well.


Dr. Dixon’s ministry extends into yet another realm in God through the medium of the authorship such as: New Breed, God Sent His Angels, Unchain Your Mind and the latest publication, “60 Seconds”.

Today, as a much in demand speaker and demonstrator of the gospel, she continues to travel extensively to fulfill her mandated mission to teach, train, educate, and equip nations.


Dr. Dixon has given unconditionally and still won’t stop. She is a Woman of Vision and Voice



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